Case Files

Customer Experience & Channel Alignment

Developed to support corporate initiatives of increasing efficiency and improving conversations for retention and acquisition. AXIS Marketing Communications was hired to execute our dynamic facilitation and coaching program, High Impact VT, across internal partner and vendor channels around the world. 

Company: AT&T
Role: Strategy, messaging, leadership development, facilitation & coaching
Year: 2012 - current
View the Case File - Increase revenue and channel performance with sales & marketing intelligence training



Brand, Web Design & Marketing Communications

Built to work in alignment with Stanford Hospital Corporate Marketing efforts AXIS Marketing Communications was hired to establish an integrated marketing communications solution.


Web Design, Development & Copyediting

Representing the vast majority of telecommunication providers, Reaction Communications established a web strategy & presence to extend their reach as an independent sales channel.


Brand Evolution, Messaging & Web Design

In support of increasing the firm’s client base within specific customer segments.


Social Media Integration, Web Design & Messaging

Nationally ranked in the Top 100 by the Wall Street Journal, Carol & Nicole wanted to create a presence in social media and reach a new demographic.


Logo Design, Messaging, Design & Managment


Evolve the look, feel and messaging of this non-profit organization by working with the board of directors including corporate representatives to update the look and feel of their marketing communications.